• Coach Adam

December 21, 2017

Kauai CrossFit Lifting Seminar:

Coach Adam will be offering a six-week Olympic Weightlifting Seminar starting January 9th, 7pm-8pm every Tuesday and Thursday night.

Seminar will include individual assessments of each athlete and provide coaching tips and techniques on accessory movements

Free for all current member

$120 for non members

Congratulations to Coach Adam for representing Kauai CrossFit and placing 1st in the 2017 CrossFit Liftoff for his weight class and also placing 1st in his age group.


Coach's Choice


10 minutes: 30 sec on/ 30 sec off Handstand holds odd min Hollow rocks even min

Metcon (Distance) 6 rounds of 500 M Row sprint with 2 minute rest between rounds


glute stretch on box 60 sec each leg

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