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Kauai CrossFit is the original CrossFit gym on Kauai with over eleven years being an CrossFit affiliate.


Mission Statement- Provide world class coaching in a welcoming, diverse environment and a value based system of operations in order to help positively transform lives and promote a deep sence of health within our community. 

Our Values- Fitness/Faith/Family/Resilience


Kauai CrossFit is focused on providing a supportive community to help our members. We know fitness is a choice to change your entire life, not just fitting a solitary workout into your daily routine. You can start with a free introductory session with one of our coaches and use that time to ask any questions and try the workout for yourself.


Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (808) 431-4FIT to schedule your first session for free!

Coaches & Staff


We know that one-on-one training with an experienced trainer has the potential to completely revolutionize your workout experience. At Kauai CrossFit, we value the time and effort you put into improving your health and wellbeing. Because of that, we have highly skilled Coaches ready to help you reach the results you have been working towards.


In finding CrossFit coaches, we not only focus on certifications. We also look for experience and motivation. Kauai CrossFit searches for great mentors that will support members through every phase of their lives. Our Coaches are ready to help each of our members reach their fitness goals – and beyond.


Pricing & Scheduling


No matter what your reason for wanting to join Kauai CrossFit, we want to be there to help you succeed! Our goal is to help you achieve yours. We will do our best to accommodate all of our members with membership plans and classes that will work for them. Visit us today to get more information or contact us at (808) 431-4FIT today!

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