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Phone: 808.431.4FIT


Welcome to Kauai CrossFit, the fastest growing CrossFit box in Hawaii. At Kauai CrossFit, we recognize the importance of strengthening muscles, increasing endurance, and improving agility through a combination of high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, and olympic weightlifting. This focus on CrossFit basics is what makes us the best CrossFit gym in Kauai.


Kauai CrossFit always offers these types of exercises and more for those who are serious about maintaining a high level of fitness. The consistent results from the different exercises make CrossFit the phenomenon it is today. Kauai CrossFit is dedicated to helping each person reach the results they desire.


Who Can Participate in CrossFit?


As the best CrossFit gym in Kauai, Kauai CrossFit tailors programs to fit members at all levels of fitness. The facilities and services are here for all to use, no matter where you are in your road to fitness. From physical therapy to exercise classes and nutritional advice, Kauai CrossFit seeks to cater to any and everyone interested in joining us!


Supportive Coaches and Staff


Kauai CrossFit has everything you need to start your CrossFit journey. We don’t take being the best CrossFit gym in Kauai lightly, so we bring on board the best coaches and staff to help us provide the latest in equipment and training methods to our members. The fitness specialists at Kauai CrossFit will set you up with all of the services and classes that you need to be successful in reaching your fitness goals.

Start Your CrossFit Journey Today


From online training videos for beginners to more advanced classes for veterans, Kauai CrossFit will support you with every step you take to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We have several different memberships available for those interested in joining. As the best CrossFit gym in Kauai, we try to work our programs into any budget. From monthly payment plans, family member, and first responder discounts, there are several different options for potential members to choose from. Contact us today at (808) 431-4FIT to speak with someone about what works best for you!

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